Novel: “Love Dreams” by Mia Zorrita

Good sex is a rare thing – and most of us know that it can be wonderful and exhilarating. In Mia Zorrita’s ‘Love Dreams’, it is like you are on a wild and glorious hayride, that hold-on-tightly hog ride, straight through Sexville. The writing is sharp, engaging and perceptive, levitating a smooth flow from page to page of overpowering lovemaking. The protagonist expresses a freedom and indeed a trust that I think we all want to believe we can have, something we can believe is still possible. Julio, a hard muscle-toned, non-stop sex machine, is the main male character for our protagonist ‘T’, and it is good that he is actually the sensitive, respectful, and, of course highly-sexed, inventive and patient gentleman of love that there is too little of in the media as regards Hispanic men. T is the older woman who daringly finally steps into a free expression of full, unabashed sexuality with her dedicated lover. The love-making is so overwhelming, so full and imaginative, I ask myself how is it possible that an older woman can accept and enjoy herself as much as she does? T is very attractive, she has built a physical presence and persona that wields men toward her. But does she want to get married? No! She doesn’t. Then who is T? What has she found that makes her character so special? Is it possible to build a protagonist, develop their character through sex? I began to understand that it’s her freedom that allows her to accept these hugh challenges to be completely taken over by Julio in certain ways at the drop of a hat. Excellent writing from Zorrita renders page after page of her fictionalized diary as a fantasy, a dream come true. Eventually, along with T – ‘Julio, I can’t take anymore,’ – I found myself putting the book down to catch ny breath. Yes, I believe there are some great insights here on a woman’s character. It is the beautiful nature of woman’s freedom, so delicately wrought and effortlessly expressed throughout the book that makes it difficult for me to wait for the second volume. I’m expecting and hoping that there will be one. Until then, I will just have to read this first hot potato again.

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